Tikkun wins Magazine of the Year Award for a Second Time

Tikkun 30:3Congratulations to Tikkun! The magazine has won the prestigious 2015 “Magazine of the Year: Overall Excellence in Religion Coverage award from the Religion Newswriters Association. It is the second time Tikkun has won this award. The Religion Newswriters Association’s awards recognize journalism excellence by measuring a magazine’s grasp on a diversity of religion issues.

Tikkun, published quarterly, offers analysis and commentary that strive to bridge the cultural divide between religious and secular progressives. By bringing together voices from many disparate religious and secular humanist communities to talk about social transformation, political change, and the evolution of our religious traditions, Tikkun creates space for the emergence of a religious Left to respond to the influence of the religious Right and the distortions of global capitalism, while simultaneously critiquing reductionist views that sometimes prevail in liberal and progressive circles.

Recent issues of Tikkun include topics on immigration, climate change, debt, disability justice, and nonviolence in foreign policy. Tikkun is available online. To subscribe to Tikkun, visit www.tikkun.org.

To learn more about the award, please visit the RNA website.

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