American Anthropological Association, 2015

BoothIt was a busy and exciting few days in Denver last week as we sold books and celebrated our series and our award-winning authors at the 2015 annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association.


Our books were honored with many awards at the conference. Lucinda Ramberg’s Given to the Goddess: South Indian Devadasis and the Sexuality of Religion won three prizes at the meeting: the Clifford Geertz Prize in the Anthropology of Religion, the 2015 Ruth Benedict Prize from the Association for Queer Anthropology, and the 2015 Michelle Z. Rosaldo prize from the Association for Feminist Anthropology. Congratulations to her!


Audra Simpson’s Mohawk Interruptus: Political Life across the Borders of Settler States also has

Simpson winning prize

Audra Simpson receiving the APLA award.

been winning many prizes. In Denver she won the Sharon Stephens Prize from the American Ethnological Society and the Association for Political and Legal Anthropology Book Prize.  She also received Honorable Mention for the 2014 Delmos Jones and Jagna Sharff Memorial Book Prize, presented by the Critical Study of North America from the Society for the Anthropology of North America.


Editorial Director Ken Wissoker with Kristin Peterson and her award.


The winner of the Delmos Jones and Jagna Sharff Memorial Book Prize was Lynn Stephen, for her book We Are the Face of Oaxaca: Testimony and Social Movements. Stephen’s book was also featured in an Author Meets the Critics panel at the meeting. We also congratulate Kristin Peterson, whose Speculative Markets: Drug Circuits and Derivative Life in Nigeria won the Leeds Award in Urban Anthropology; and Sharon Kaufman, who received Honorable Mention for the Society for the Anthropology of Work’s Diana Forsythe Prize for her book Ordinary Medicine: Extraordinary Treatments, Longer Lives, and Where to Draw the Line.


In addition to celebrating these award-winning authors, we also hosted two parties in our booth to honor new book series. On Thursday, we offered a toast to the Critical Global Health series, edited by Vincanne Adams and João Biehl. And on Friday we celebrated our taking over the Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures series. Established by Department of Anthropology at the University of Rochester, the Morgan Lectures are the most significant annual lecture in cultural anthropology.


Biehl and Adams

Vincanne Adams and João Biehl

Bob Foster

Robert J. Foster, editor of the Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures.

Here are a few pictures of author with their new books. To see many more, check out our Facebook page.

de la Cadena

Marisol de la Cadena with her new book Earth Beings, in the Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures series.


Eben Kirksey with his new book Emergent Ecologies.


Editorial Director Ken Wissoker with Diane Nelson, author of Who Counts?


Gerald Sider with his new book Race Becomes Tomorrow

Wool and Myers

Zoë Wool, author of After War (left) and Natasha Myers, author of Rendering Life Molecular (right) pose with each other’s books

If you missed the conference or if books you wanted were sold out, you can still order all of our great anthropology titles with the conference discount. Simply enter code AAA15 at checkout!

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