Now available: First Issue of World Policy Journal Published by Duke University Press


“Black Lives Matter Everywhere,” volume 33, issue 1 of World Policy Journal

We are pleased to announce that the first issue of World Policy Journal published by Duke University Press, volume 33, issue 1, “Black Lives Matter Everywhere,”  is now available at

World Policy Journal, edited by Christopher Shay, is the flagship publication of the World Policy Institute. For over thirty years World Policy Journal has been home to both distinguished and emerging thinkers from around the globe. The journal’s articles inject new ideas into international debates on the world’s most pressing issues. Essays and reported pieces cover global security, regional conflict, political controversy, and cultural and social change.

World Policy Journal is known for lively, intelligent writing that challenges conventional wisdom and offers fresh perspectives on underreported issues. The articles and analyses offer strong points of view that transcend the foreign-versus-domestic policy divide, reflecting the institute’s global perspective. Regular features include a photojournalism portfolio, a conversation with a compelling thinker, and illustrations and cartoons from international artists. Each issue is centered on a theme, with several major essays and graphic features exploring aspects of a single topic in-depth. Past cover themes have focused on water, food, sports, sex and sexuality, and communications.

Topics in volume 33 include:

  • Renegade Cities, about policy innovations that come from cities rather than countries
  • History’s Ghosts, on the aspects of history that still haunt the present—placing current events in a historical context
  • World Policy Interrupted, an all-women issue that stands as a rebuke to the foreign policy establishment and its overwhelming focus on male voices

Read an interview with Editor Christopher Shay and Managing Editor Yaffa Fredrick published on our blog earlier this year. To learn more about the journal or to subscribe, visit

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