Revisit Donald J. Trump and the Spirit of Proletarian Luxury

ddcup_12_1The Republican National Convention began yesterday in Cleveland. Revisit this guest blog post on Donald J. Trump by John Armitage and Joanne Roberts, co-editors of the recent special issue of Cultural Politics, “The Spirit of Luxury.” In the post, they reflect on Trump’s promotion of “the spirit of proletarian luxury.”

Read an excerpt from the guest post:

In the race for the Republican nomination, Trump is wooing mainly white working-class Republicans, many of whom are still reeling from the impact of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, and who feel betrayed by the extant political classes. Trump, then, offers something fresh, as a face from beyond the realm of politics, yet simultaneously familiar, as a television celebrity. However, we contend that Trump is trading down in terms of the groups that he is seeking to attract. In the process, he is adopting crude, unsophisticated, and sometimes indiscreet language and behaviors.

For more on the topic, read “Donald J. Trump and the Spirit of Proletarian Luxury.”

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