2017 Euclid Prime Pricing Now Available

Euclid Prime CollectionProject Euclid is pleased to announce that 2017 pricing for Euclid Prime, an online collection of high-impact journals in mathematics and statistics, is now available.

There are 27 titles in the 2017 collection, including two new titles, Topological Methods in Nonlinear Analysis (TMNA) and the International Journal of Differential Equations. TMNA is published by the Juliusz P. Schauder Centre for Nonlinear Studies with the assistance of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland. International Journal of Differential Equations is published by the Hindawi Publishing Corporation.

Two titles, Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications and Journal of Physical Mathematics, will no longer be adding new content to Euclid Prime.

For information about pricing or publications, please contact Duke University Press Library Relations or visit dukeupress.edu/Libraries.


  1. here we consider some aspects of application for differential equations as in case of lagrangian differential equations as say prof horia orasanu and prof dr mircea orasanu .that are used for nonholonomic question


  2. also are possible some as say prof dr mircea orasanu and prof horia orasanu as followings
    Author Horia Orasanu
    • Since the position vector of the complex system entity is assimilated to a Wiener-type stochastic process [6,7,23], ψ is not only the scalar potential of complex velocity (through ln ψ) in the fractal hydrodynamics, but also the density of probability (through |ψ|2) in the Schrödinger-type theory. Then, the equivalence between the fractal hydrodynamics formalism and the Schrödinger one results
    Moreover, chaoticity, either through turbulence in the fractal hydrodynamics approach [24] or by means of stochasticization in the Schrödinger-type approach, is exclusively generated by the non-differentiability of the movement trajectories in a fractal space.Substituting (31) into Equation (30), we find that the specific non-differentiable potential can be expressed in terms of this function:


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