The Challenge of Ecology to the Humanities

ddngc_43_2_128The most recent issue of New German Critique, “The Challenge of Ecology to the Humanities: Posthumanism or Humanism,” edited by Bernhard F. Malkmus and Heather I. Sullivan, continues a decades-old debate on the relationship between the humanities and ecology. The relationship is historically ambiguous: where humanists tend to view the human as an ecological being, posthumanists reject references to “nature” as mere cultural fabrication. However, the global ecological crisis and an increasing awareness human impact on the planet as an ecosystem have forced the humanities to rethink their hidden anthropological and ecological assumptions.

The Challenge of Ecology to the Humanities” puts voices from historical, philosophical and literary disciplines in dialogue with each other with the goal of mapping out various possibilities for the humanities broadly but also specifically for the environmental humanities today.

Topics in this issue include posthumanist anthropology, nomadic knowledge, and narrating sustainability.

Read the introduction, made freely available.

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