Match Up: Duke University Press Journals

For a #TuesdayTreat, we have a fun game for you. Match the article to the journal in which it was published to test your knowledge of Duke University Press journals! See below the image for the answers to the match up.

1. “Punks, Bulldaggers, and Welfare Queens: The Radical Potential of Queer Politics?”

2. “Real (Software) Abstractions: On the Rise of Facebook and the Fall of MySpace”

3. “Sex and the Colonial Archive: The Case of ‘Mariano’ Aguilera”

4. “Nostalgia, Desire, Diaspora: South Asian Sexualities in Motion”

5. “Disseminating Common Sense: Thomas Paine and the Problem of the Early National Bestseller”

6. “Rosie the Riveter’s Job Market: Advertising for Women Workers in World War II Los Angeles”

7. “Condemned to Repeat: On the Racism and Sexism of Failing to Address Structure”

8. “Saving Other Women from Other Men: Disney’s Aladdin

9. “Hip-Hop Women Shredding the Veil: Race and Class in Popular Feminist Identity”

10. “A Zombie Manifesto: The Nonhuman Condition in the Era of Advanced Capitalism”


















Answers: 1) d; 2) j; 3) e; 4) h; 5) a; 6) f; 7) g; 8) c; 9) i; 10) b

How did you score? Share your Duke University Press journal knowledge and rock star status in the comments. If some of the articles above piqued your interest, you can read them, made freely available, here:

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