A New Brand Identity for Duke University Press

dup_logo_mediumWhat you’ve come to know, and perhaps even love, as the Duke University Press logo was not created to be a logo; it was created for letterhead in the 1990s by Duke University Press designer Mary Mendell. This was in a time when people still sent letters and before widespread use of e-mail and the Internet. In 2016 our world is largely digital and we realized that we needed a more flexible logo to work in those spaces.

We are pleased to announce a new brand identity for Duke University Press. During the past spring, we worked with the brand identity firm Corey McPherson Nash to crystallize and revitalize the visual identity that has long informed our work.




The identity includes a new, modular logo system consisting of a primary logo and six additional logo variations, which will be able to be used in different ways in various places. The stacked boxes and bold type of this new system are an evolution of our previous logo.




“The new identity is the result of a productive—and fun—collaboration between Corey McPherson Nash and an internal team consisting of designers and marketing staff. It took many hours and iterations to develop an identity that we like as much as what we’ve had and we are very pleased with the result,” says Jocelyn Dawson, who co-led the brand identity project with Dan Ruccia.

Amy Ruth Buchanan, Senior Book Designer, adds, “From the start, we loved the concept of a modular logo system. The idea of the elements of the logo changing configurations hinted at the dynamic nature of our bold and interdisciplinary list, while the basic unit of the black box with clean white sans letterforms provided a link to our former and very recognizable logo.”

Michael McPherson from Corey McPherson Nash says, “In developing the new visual identity for Duke University Press, we were working with a sophisticated client who has strong views about design. In partnership with the client team we developed a visual identity system that is bold, flexible, and distinctive, and that works across all media.”

Look for the new Duke University Press brand identity on our website, ads, and other materials.



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