Recommended Reading on the Affordable Care Act from the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law

ddjhppl_41_1As the Affordable Care Act comes under scrutiny following the presidential election, we asked Eric M. Patashnik and the contributors of the Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law (JHPPL) to provide a list of recommended readings that approaches the policies, impact, and perceptions of the ACA from multiple perspectives. JHPPL has published case studies and articles regarding the ACA since 2010 and also publishes a section dedicated solely to the policy and politics of health care reform. The section provides information for practitioners, stakeholders, and academics involved in both national- and state-level health care reform legislation, regulation, implementation, and policy evaluation in the United States.

1. Media Messages and Perceptions of the Affordable Care Act during the Early Phase of Implementation 

Erika Franklin Fowler, Laura Baum, Colleen Barry, Jeff Niederdeppe, and Sarah E. Gollust
Vol. 42, No. 1, February 2017

2. Why States Expand Medicaid: Party, Resources, and History

Lawrence R. Jacobs and Timothy Callaghan
Vol. 38, No. 5, October 2013

3. You Can’t Make Me Do It, but I Could Be Persuaded: A Federalism Perspective on the Affordable Care Act

Simon F. Haeder and David L. Weimer
Vol. 40, No. 2, April 2015

4. What Health Care Reform Means for Immigrants: Comparing the Affordable Care Act and Massachusetts Health Reforms

Tiffany D. Joseph
Vol. 41, No. 1, February 2016

5. Business Associations, Conservative Networks, and the Ongoing Republican War over Medicaid Expansion

Alexander Hertel-Fernandez, Theda Skocpol, and Daniel Lynch
Vol. 41, No. 2, April 2016

6. Implementing the Affordable Care Act: The Promise and Limits of Health Care Reform

Jonathan Oberlander
Vol. 41, No. 4, August 2016

7. Partisanship, Dysfunction, and Racial Fears: The New Normal in Health Care Policy?

James A. Morone
Vol. 41, No. 4, August 2016

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