Announcing our Instagram Account

We’re so excited to announce that Duke University Press now has an Instagram account! Our team has been working on this secret project for a while, and we’re delighted to finally share it with our followers.

Follow us at @dukeuniversitypress for beautiful book bentos, quotes, event photos, and the inside scoop on Press life. Here’s a sampler:

"Love, H reveals the struggles and contradictions of being an aspiring female artist, a wife, and a mother during the tumultuous sixties. Here are two cool 'chicks'—in this case writer Hettie Jones and painter Helene Dorn—running in the highly competitive, male-dominated, bohemian circles of New York/San Francisco/& Beyond. It’s a gritty and seductive world, referred to by Jones as 'Boyland,' where smart, creative women are expected to be seen but not heard. These candid letters—framed by Hettie Jones’s own eloquent and insightful recollections—are a deeply moving ode to friendship, as well as a window to an incredible time of conflict, social change, and artistic flourishing in America." –Jessica Hagedorn ⠀ ⠀ #sixties #beatgeneration #feminism #letters #writing #bookstagram

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Monday workflow. #booklove #coffeelove

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