World Policy Interrupted

wpj33_4_23_frontcover_fppWorld Policy Interrupted,” the most recent issue of World Policy Journal, is penned entirely by female foreign policy experts and journalists and “imagines a world where we wouldn’t need to interpret to be heard at the table. In reconstructing a media landscape where the majority of foreign policy experts quoted, bylined, and miked are not men, we quickly gain deeper insight into a complex world, one historically narrated by only one segment of society,” co-editors Elmira Bayrasli and Lauren Bohn write.

Bayrasli and Bohn lead Foreign Policy Interrupted, a program that mentors, develops, and amplifies the voices of women in the international policy field. Foreign Policy Interrupted combats the industry’s gender disparity through a visibility platform and a cohesive fellowship program, including media training and meaningful mentoring at partnering media institutions. The program helps women break both internal and external barriers.

Contributors to this issue address topics such as feminism in China, abortion laws across the Americas, combating violent extremism by working with religious leaderswomen in media, and a conversation with Dr. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of Mauritus. Browse the full table-of-contents here.

From the Editor’s Note:

When you incubate diverse voices, you incubate diverse ideas and diverse approaches to foreign policy challenges. This all-women’s issue is a testament to that. When we don’t see women and hear their opinions, we marginalize them. We feed the unconscious bias that men are policymakers and women are not. This Interrupted issue challenges and changes that perception by showcasing the voices of female experts and leaders.

Read the full Editor’s Note, made freely available.

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