New Books in April

We have lots of great books coming out in April. Check them out…

978-0-8223-6387-3_pr w strokeFans of memoir and the iconic Stuart Hall will enjoy Familiar Stranger. With great insight, compassion, and wit Hall (1932–2014) tells how his experiences—from growing up in colonial Jamaica and attending Oxford to participating in the thorny politics of 1950s and 1960s Britain—shaped his intellectual and political work to become one of his age’s brightest intellectual lights.

Another Stuart Hall-related title, Stuart Hall’s Voice, is a series of letters—that David Scott wrote to Stuart Hall following his death—in which Scott characterizes Hall’s voice and his practice of speaking, listening, and generosity as the foundational elements of Hall’s intellectual work.

In The Space of Boredom, Bruce O’Neill shows how the Bucharest, Romania’s homeless are unable to fully participate in a society that is increasingly organized around practices of consumption, leaving them mired in an unshakeable boredom and the slow deterioration of their lives that are symptomatic of the alienation brought on by globalization.

Containing essays by some of the most prominent names in contemporary political and cultural theory, Sovereignty in Ruins develops a political vocabulary capable of transforming contemporary political frameworks by advancing a politics of crisis that collapses the false dichotomies between sovereignty and governmentality and between critique and crisis.

978-0-8223-6164-0_pr w strokeIn her latest, South of Pico, Kellie Jones traces how the artists in L.A.’s black communities during the 1960s and 70s created a vibrant, productive, and engaged activist arts scene in the face of structural racism through the production of art works that spoke to African American migration and L.A.’s racial politics.

As President of Duke University, Richard H. Brodhead spoke at numerous commencement ceremonies, community forums, and faculty meetings, and even appeared on the Colbert Report. Speaking of Duke collects dozens of these speeches, in which Brodhead speaks to issues central to Duke University and to higher education more generally.

In Exporting Revolution, Margaret Randall explores the Cuban Revolution’s impact on the outside world, tracing Cuba’s international outreach in healthcare, disaster relief, education, literature, art, liberation struggles, and sports to show how this outreach is a fundamental characteristic of the Revolution and of Cuban society.

978-0-8223-6348-4_prNew in our Latin America Readers series, and covering more than 500 years of history, culture, and politics, The Lima Reader seeks to capture the many worlds and many peoples of Peru’s capital city, featuring a selection of primary sources that consider the social tensions and cultural heritages of the “City of Kings.”

Using a range of historical, literary, and legal texts, the contributors to Critically Sovereign trace the ways in which gender is inextricably linked to Indigenous politics and U.S. and Canadian colonialism, showing how gender, sexuality, and feminism work as co-productive forces of Native American and Indigenous sovereignty, self-determination, and epistemology.

978-0-8223-6372-9_pr w strokeCultures Without Culturalism models a new path where historicized and cultural accounts of scientific practice retain their specificity and complexity without falling into the traps of cultural essentialism, examining issues that range from the history of quadratic equations in China to the studying of employment discrimination in the social sciences.

In the Name of Women’s Rights sees Sara R. Farris examine the calls for gender equality from an unlikely collection of European right-wing nationalist political parties, neoliberals, and some feminist theorists and policymakers, showing how their exploitation of feminist ideals justifies anti-Islam and anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies.

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