The Issue of Blackness

ddtsq_4_2_coverThe most recent special issue of TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, “The Issue of Blackness,” edited by Treva Ellison, Kai M. Green, Matt Richardson, and C. Riley Snorton, is available now.

This issue explores and questions the issuance of Blackness to transgender identity, politics, and transgender studies. These editors offer blunt provocations to the field of transgender studies and its practitioners, asking why, in its processes of institutionalization and canon formation, has transgender studies been so remiss in acknowledging women-of-color feminisms—black feminisms in particular—as a necessary foundation for the field’s own critical explorations of embodied difference.  In asking this question, these essays also wrestle with the relationship between trans* studies and queer studies through the lens of blackness. While trans* studies has often held queer studies accountable for its cis-centrism, a field of black queer studies has taken shape that provides an intellectual home for black scholars of trans* phenomena that such scholars have yet to fully claim within trans* studies.

Read the full introduction to the issue by Susan Stryker and Paisley Currah, made freely available.

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