Colonialism, Imperialism, and War

MEW-logoAs part of our month-long series highlighting the Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies, we’re excited to share a “Colonialism, Imperialism, and War” mock syllabus from the JMEWS, curated by the editors. JMEWS is the official journal of the Association for Middle East Women’s Studies. This interdisciplinary journal advances the fields of Middle East gender, sexuality, and women’s studies through the contributions of academics, artists, and activists from around the globe working in the interpretive social sciences and humanities.

Colonialism, Imperialism, and War



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    Teaching should focus, on the one hand, to internalising a variety of representations and, on the other hand, to building ways to move from one representation to another one. Moreover, an appropriate training can help to move the connection language-mathematics to automatised procedures. Automaticity refers to the way we perform some mental tasks quickly and effortlessly, with little conscious thought or conscious intention. Automatic processes are contrasted with deliberate, attention-demanding, conscious, controlled aspects of cognition (Palmeri, 2001). Automatic processes seem to occur reflexively, while controlled processes require conscious intention to become initiated. This might optimise learning, because automatic processes are free from dual-task interference, i.e. they are not influenced by other tasks that are executed concurrently.
    Traditionally, when learning mathematics, pupils practice only restricted areas of operations, usually the ones looking to be strongly related to the specific content (Singer & Voica, 2004). The results of this practice reflect an inconsistency in dealing with the basic concepts of the discipline and a huge difficulty in making connections and transfers. To overcome this situation, the teaching of mathematics should offer students opportunities
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    This is one of the philosophical works in The Past Masters Series
    produced by InteLex Corporation.
    This was reviewed in POMEJ10.
    Here is an update of WWW addresses.
    Peirce title in the Past Masters catelogue


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