Global Black Consciousness

The most recent issue of Nka: Journal of Contemporary African Art, “Global Black Consciousness,” edited by Margo Natalie Crawford and Salah M. Hassan, is now available.

nka_2018_42-43_coverThis special issue aims to open up and complicate the key paradigms that have shaped the vibrant work on theories and cultural productions of the African diaspora. Contributors offer a critical and nuanced analysis of global black consciousness as both a citing of diasporic flows and a grounded site of decolonizing movement. As a result, the issue pushes the abundant current scholarship on the African diaspora to another dimension—the edge where we think about both the problem and promise of mobilizing “blackness” as a unifying concept.

Browse the table of contents and read the introduction, made freely available.


  1. Consciousness for these in COLLEGE LYCEUM MAGNA as observed prof dr mircea orasanu and prof drd horia orasanu as followed with prof dr Constantin Udriste and for CONSTRAINTS OPTIMIZATION and connected with Legendre relation and thus these are accepted as published by prof drd horia orasanu


  2. in these are observed that as precised prof dr mircea orasanu and followed that Revue roumaine des sciences techniques. Série de mécanique ..have not important articles that all not appear due the trivial exposed , but the article CONSTRAINTS OPTIMIZATION IN PHYSICAL APPLICATION DUE TO LEGENDRE
    By Orasanu Mircea and Orasanu Horia
    In this paper we will give an overview of Hamiltonian systems with specific examples, including the classical pendulum example. Upon addressing the properties of Hamiltonian systems we will then explore how chaos arises. More specifically, we will consider two examples: solar system orbits and a zero-sum two-player game.
    Key Words :constraints,holonomic,nonholonomic Introduction are very important observed and prof dr Constantin Udriste into a discussion with great mathematicians as Adrien Marie Legendre ,Laguerre , Hermite concerning CONSTRAINTS OPTIMIZATIONS


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