Neoliberalism’s Authoritarian (Re)Turns

Neoliberalism’s Authoritarian (Re)Turns,” the latest issue of the South Atlantic Quarterly, edited by Nik Theodore and Jamie Peck, is now available.

saq_118_2_cover“Still neoliberalism? We pose this as a question in order to call attention to the problematic … of how to account for, and respond to, the tawdry array of authoritarian (re)turns that have been witnessed in various parts of the world in the decade since the global financial crisis of 2008—from Trump to Turkey, from the Brexit debacle to the Brazilian coup, and much else besides,” write the editors in their introduction.

“Do the uneven but apparently concerted turns toward authoritarian rule, which have sometimes been accompanied by a selective repudiation or partial retreat from some principles and practices of neoliberal governance, signify an ‘end’ to neoliberalism?”

Rather than arguing that the term neoliberalism is no longer salient, contributors to this special issue confront neoliberalism as an emergent mode of regulation embedded across multiple sites and spaces, increasingly defining the rules of the game even if never acting alone.

Browse the table of contents and read the introduction, made freely available.

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