Care in Translation: Care-ful Research in Medical Settings

Especially relevant in these challenging times, “Care in Translation: Care-ful Research in Medical Settings,” the newest issue of East Asian Science, Technology and Society, is available now.

This issue is the latest addition to our Care in Uncertain Times Syllabus, whose content is all free to read online through June 30.

In “Care in Translation,” contributors investigate what care is, becomes, and brings in its wake in health care settings across Asia—and what stories we might tell about this. Essays highlight different styles of care-ful research relevant to STS, anthropology, and feminist studies. The production and the consequences of care are traced through techno-scientific mediations, situated ways of sense-making, political economies, historical trajectories, and public imaginaries of care.

Start reading “Care in Translation” or learn more about the journal, including how to subscribe.

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