In Conversation: A New Video Series

With the global pandemic keeping authors from doing readings at bookstores and talks on campuses, they are seeking new ways to discuss and share their scholarship with wider audiences. We are pleased to launch a new series of video conversations with that aim. 

These video conversations will take a variety of formats. Some will be between authors and their in-house editors, others will be multiple contributors from an edited volume, or conversations between authors and series editors. We have been grateful for the work of summer intern Matthew Sebastian, a graduate student in anthropology at Duke University, to get this series up and running.

The first video in the series is a conversation between Alex Blanchette, author of Porkopolis, and Senior Executive Editor Ken Wissoker. With COVID-19 ravaging meatpacking plants around the country, Blanchette’s book became unfortunately timely this spring. 

We also invite you to watch the series’s second video, a conversation between Melody Jue, author of Wild Blue Media, Executive Editor Courtney Berger, and Stacy Alaimo, editor of the Elements series that the book is a part of. 

Watch our YouTube channel and our Twitter feed for future videos. They’ll include a conversation between Assistant Editor Joshua Tranen and Ricardo Montez, author of Keith Haring’s Line; Editorial Associate Alejandra Mejía in conversation with contributors to We Are Not Dreamers; and Ken Wissoker in conversation with contributors to Writing Anthropology

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