Online Events in October

There are so many great ways to (virtually) see our authors in October. Note that we have included the local time zone for each event; please adjust for your own geographic location.


October 1, 6 pm EDT: Join Arlene Dávila, author of Latinx Art, as she discusses representation of Latinx art and artists in today’s world with Adriana Zavala at an event sponsored by the Whitney Museum of Art.

October 1, 7 pm EDT: The Swerve Conversation Series, sponsored by the Dedalus Foundation and Denniston Hill, will feature Fred Moten, the author of the consent not to be a single being trilogy: Black and Blur, Stolen Life, and The Universal Machine.  Tune in via Instagram Live here.

October 2, 3:30 pm CDT: The Center for 21st Century Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee will host Ronak K. Kapadia. He draws connections to his book Insurgent Aesthetics, which examines artistic responses to US domination in the Middle East. 

October 3, 7:00 pm WIT: Todd Henry, editor of Queer Korea, joins Hendri Yulius Wijaya for a talk sponsored by Jakarta’s Transit Bookstore.

October 4, 8 pm EDT: The Brooklyn Book Festival will take place virtually and feature a full day of programming with nearly 100 authors, including Maureen Mahon. She will speak about her book, Black Diamond Queens, and power of music to enact change.

October 5, 5 pm CEST: Daisuke Miyao will discuss his book Japonisme and the Birth of Cinema and Marsha Gordon and Allyson Nadia Field, co-editors of Screening Race in American Nontheatrical Film, will talk about their book during the online Pordenone Silent Film Festival.

Resource RadicalsOctober 9, 3:30 pm CDT: Listen to Thea Riofrancos discusses her new book Resource Radicals with George Ciccariello-Maher, author of Decolonizing Dialectics, and co-editor of the Radical Américas series, of which Riofrancos’s book is a part. This event is hosted by the Center for 21st Century Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

October 14, 12 pm PDT: Judith Madera, author of Black Atlas, gives a talk entitled “Black Worldmaking and the Radical Histories of Black Geography.” This event is sponsored by JourneysRussianEmpireWa Na Wari and the Seattle Public Library.

October 15, 11 am HST: Nandita Sharma discusses her book Home Rule with The Polis Project.

October 21, 7 pm CDT: The Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis will be hosting William Craft Brumfield to discuss his new book Journeys through the Russian Empire, in which he juxtaposes his own photos of architecture in Russia with those of early-twentieth-century photographer Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky.

October 28, 4 pm MDT: Margaret Randall, author of I Never Left Home, speaks with Gioconda Bello. This conversation is organized by the University of New Mexico. Register here.


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