Open Access Week 2020: Our open-access journals

On the second day of our Open Access Week blog series, we’re proud to feature our five open-access journals, three of which—Demography, liquid blackness, and the Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies—are new to Duke University Press in 2021.

Demography, the flagship journal of the Population Association of America, will become platinum open access in 2021 as it joins our publishing program. Since its founding in 1964, Demography has mirrored the vitality, diversity, high intellectual standard, and wide impact of population studies. It is the most cited journal in its field and reaches the membership of one of the largest professional demographic associations in the world. Libraries and institutions, learn how you can support Demography’s conversion to open access.

liquid blackness: journal of aesthetics and black studies carves out a place for aesthetic theory and the most radical agenda of Black studies to come together in productive ways, with the goal of attending to the aesthetic work of blackness and the political work of form. In this way, the journal develops innovative approaches to address points of convergence between the exigencies of black life and the many slippery ways in which blackness is encountered in contemporary sonic and visual culture. The journal showcases a variety of scholarly modes, including audio-visual work and experimental and traditional essays.

The Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies is an international, multidisciplinary publication dedicated to research on pre-1945 East Asian humanities. The journal presents new research related to the Sinographic Cosmopolis/Sphere of pre-1945 East Asia, publishing both articles that stay within traditional disciplinary or regional boundaries and works that explore the commonalities and contrasts found in countries of the Sinographic Sphere.

Critical Times, published by the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs and Duke University Press, foregrounds encounters between canonical critical theory and various traditions of critique emerging from other historical legacies. The journal seeks to showcase the multiple forms that critical thought takes today, presenting essays from different areas of the world; to encourage critical analysis, transnational exchange, and political reflection and practice; and to foster new types of intellectual discourse and reformulate the field by accounting for its regional and linguistic inflections.

Environmental Humanities publishes outstanding interdisciplinary scholarship that draws humanities disciplines into conversation with each other, and with the natural and social sciences, around significant environmental issues. Environmental Humanities has a specific focus on publishing the best interdisciplinary scholarship, especially articles that do not fit comfortably within established disciplines and accessible articles that can speak to a broader readership.

Learn more about Duke University Press’s open-access publishing initiatives.

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