Final Weekend of Our Fall Sale

Fall-sale-2020-BlogOur Fall Sale ends Monday, November 23 at 11:59 pm EST so this is your final weekend to shop. Customers in North and South America can shop our website, and those in the rest of the world may find shipping costs and times to be less if you shop at our UK-based distributor Combined Academic Publishers. At both locations, the coupon code is FALL2020.

If you shopped in early October, you may be missing some great titles that have only just come out in the past few weeks.

writing in spaceWriting in Space, 1973-2019 by Lorraine O’Grady and edited by Aruna D’Souza. Hyperallergic says the book “establishes O’Grady’s literary brilliance that shines through her multifaceted creative practice.”

Liquor Store Theatre by Maya Stovall uses the artist’s well-known project as a point of departure for understanding everyday life in Detroit and the possibilities for ethnographic research, art, and knowledge creation.

Militarized Global ApartheidMilitarized Global Apartheid by Catherine Besteman is a major theoretical work that will be applicable in a wide range of disciplines.

Animalia: An Anti-Imperial Bestiary for Our Times, edited by Antoinette Burton and Renisa Mawani, is a unique collection featuring short chapters on 26 animals that  have played central roles in the history of British imperial control.

For a Pragmatics of the Useless by Erin Manning shows how neurotypicality and whiteness combine to form a normative baseline for existence.

Building Socialism: The Afterlife of East German Architecture in Urban Vietnam by Christina Schwenkel analyzes the collaboration between East German and Vietnamese architects and urban planners as they attempted to transform the bombed-out industrial city of Vinh into a model socialist city.

Aesthetics of ExcessAesthetics of Excess: The Art and Politics of Black and Latina Embodiment by Jillian Hernandez analyzes the personal clothing, makeup, and hairstyles of working-class Black and Latina girls, to examines how cultural discourses of aesthetic value racialize the bodies of women and girls of color.

Biopolitics of the More-Than-Human by Joseph Pugliese examines the concept of the biopolitical through a nonanthropocentric lens, arguing that more-than-human entities—from soil and orchards to animals and water—are actors and agents in their own right with legitimate claims to justice.

Island Futures: Caribbean Survival in the Anthropocene by Mimi Sheller elves into the ecological crises and reconstruction challenges affecting the entire Caribbean region, showing how vulnerability to ecological collapse and the quest for a “just recovery” in the Caribbean emerge from specific transnational political, economic, and cultural dynamics.

stx_38_1_142_coverWe’ve also loved to see which journal issues are topping our bestseller list for the sale. Some are discounted as low as $6, so don’t miss out! “The Ideology Issue” from South Atlantic Quarterly and “Radical Care” from Social Text are heading up the list, and TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly’s recent issues “Trans Pornography,” “Trans Futures,” and “Trans* Studies Now” are popular choices.

Radical History Review’s “Fascism and Anti-fascism since 1945” and “Policing, Justice, and the Radical Imagination” are also selling well, as is “Method as Method” from Prism: Theory and Modern Chinese Literature.

Pick up these new titles and all in-stock books and journal issues for 50%, but only if you shop now with coupon FALL2020! This special offer ends Monday night. See the fine print here.

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