Virtual Events in March

There are lots of opportunities in March to join our authors online for panel discussions, lectures, book launches, and conversations about their work. Hope you can join some of them. Please note the time zone for each event.

March 3, 5 pm GMT: The Institute for Global Prosperity at University College London sponsors a book launch for Christopher Harker’s Spacing Debt.

March 3, 6:30 pm GMT: Sara Ahmed, author of What’s the Use? and the forthcoming Complaint!, gives a talk entitled “Complaints, Diversity and Other Hostile Environments,” sponsored by the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

March 4, 12 pm EST: Yale’s Macmillan Center Council on Middle East Studies sponsors a conversation with Ronak Kapadia, author of Insurgent Aesthetics. It will be moderated by Najwa Meyer.

March 4, 3 pm EST: Join a roundtable discussion on Seeds of Power by Amalia Leguizamón, hosted by Penn’s Latin American and Latinx Studies Program.

March 5, 9:30 am EST: Roberto Dainotto, co-editor of Gramsci in the World and author of Europe (In Theory) gives an online talk entitled “Sovversivismo: Gramsci on Reactionary Insurrections,” sponsored by Duke University’s Franklin Humanities Institute.

March 5, 3:30 pm EST: Evren Savci speaks about her book Queer in Translation in a talk sponsored by Duke University’s Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.

March 7, 3 pm EST: The Democratic Socialists of American sponsor an International Women’s Day event entitled “Love and Sex Behind the Iron Curtain: 20th Century State Socialism in Eastern Europe.” Kristen Ghodsee, author of Red Hangover and Second World, Second Sex, is a panelist.

March 8, 9 pm EST: Sara Ahmed, author of Complaint! gives an International Women’s Day lecture entitled “Complaint as Feminist Pedagogy,” sponsored by Bournemouth University. 

March 9, 6 pm CST: Kristen Ghodsee lectures on “Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism: And Other Arguments for Economic Independence,” sponsored by the University of Kansas Emily Taylor Center for Women & Gender Equity and Center for Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies.

March 11, 3 pm EST: Katina Rogers, author of Putting the Humanities PhD to Work, gives a talk sponsored by Syracuse University entitled “Scholarship for the Public Good: Expanding Definitions of Academic Success.”

March 12, 3 pm EST: Join our Editorial Director Gisela Fosado for a panel discussion entitled “Getting Your Boricua Book Published,” sponsored by the Puerto Rican Studies Association & LASA Puerto Rico Section Workshop Series.

March 16, 1 pm EDT: Sara Ahmed gives a lecture entitled “Knocking on the Door: Complaints and Other Stories about Institutions,” sponsored by Stony Brook University.

March 16, 3 pm EDT: The Sarah Parker Remond Centre for the Study of Racism and Racialisation at UCL sponsors a book launch for Katherine McKittrick’s Dear Science and Other Stories. There will be a presentation from McKittrick, responses from Xine Yao and Luke de Noronha, and discussion.

March 16, 6 pm EDT: Anthony Reed, author of Soundworks, joins Vijay Iyer for a conversation that is part of the Popular Music Books in Progress series

March 17, 6:30 pm EDT: Join Michael Gillespie, author of Film Blackness and Racquel Gates, author of Double Negative, for a conversation about the historical continuum of black visual and expressive culture, sponsored by Intellectual Publics.

March 18, 4 pm PDT: The USC Department of Gender & Sexuality Studies sponsors a book talk with Gillian Harkins, author of Virtual Pedophilia, followed by a response from Jennifer Doyle, a conversation about the mutual themes in their work, and an audience Q&A.

March 22, 12 pm MDT: Sara Ahmed gives a lecture entitled “Complaint, Diversity and Other Hostile Environments,” sponsored by University of Calgary.

March 24, 7 pm EDT: Arlene Dávila, author of Latinx Art, joins artists Glendalys Medina, Mary Valverde, and Sarah Zapata for a discussion about the strategies Latinx artists have pursued to create platforms for their work. Sponsored by BRIC.

March 25, 12 pm PDT: Kadji Amin, author of Disturbing Attachments, gives a talk sponsored by USC’s Gender and Sexuality Studies Program entitled “‘Native Tales’: Human-Simian Sex and Ontologies of Race and Species.”

March 25, 6:30 pm EDT: The African American Museum in Philadelphia sponsors an event centered on Black Diamond Queens by Maureen Mahon, also featuring Dr. Deborah Thomas and Dr. Guthrie Ramsey of the University of Pennsylvania as panelists, and Dejay Duckett, Director of Curatorial Services at AAMP as moderator.

March 26, 2pm EDT: Todne Thomas, author of Kincraft, joins Tony Tian-Ren Lin for a discussion about the Black church, which is part of the Virginia Festival of the Book.

March 30, 7pm EDT: Print Bookstore in Portland, Maine, sponsors a conversation between Erica Rand and Cole Rizki about Rand’s new book The Small Book of Hip Checks.


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