New Titles in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Black text in a white, transparent box: "National Women's Studies Association, 2021 Virtual Conference Exhibit, Use code FALL21 for 50% off during our fall sale!

This year we look forward to celebrating new books and journal issues in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies virtually. During our fall sale, save 50% on all books and special issues when you use coupon code FALL21 at checkout. Customers in the UK and Europe can order books with this code from our UK partner, Combined Academic Publishers.

Registered attendees can find us in the official exhibit hall! For highlights of our newest titles in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies, check out our conference landing page. And browse all books and journals in gender and sexuality studies here.

On Saturday, September 18, join editor Elizabeth Ault for the exhibitor hour from 3:00 to 4:00pm EST. Access the chat with the “Video Chat” button in our official booth.

DUP authors and editors have panels throughout the three NWSA weekends! Join them for online panels:


  • Sima Shakhsari, “Introducing AGITATE!: Lessons, challenges, and limitations of unsettling knowledges in the academy and beyond,” Fri, Sep 17, 2:00pm EST


  • Sami Schalk, “Disability Studies Approaches to Race, Gender and Health,” Fri, Oct 15, 12:30pm EST
  • Nicole Charles, “Troubling health and healthcare,” Fri, Oct 15, 5:00pm EST
  • Ginetta E. B. Candelario, Kum-Kum Bhavnani, Myriam J. A. Chancy, and Paula J. Giddings, Meridians Plenary, Sat, Oct 16, 11:00am EST


  • Sushmita Chatterjee, “Transnational Feminisms and the Politics of Development,” Fri, Nov 19, 11:00am EST
  • Banu Subramaniam, Ashwini Tambe, “Holy Science: The Biopolitics of Hindu Nationalism,” Fri, Nov 19, 11:00am EST
  • Sushmita Chatterjee, Banu Subramaniam, and Angela Willey, “Transnational Biologies: Genealogy, Epistemology, Method,” Fri, Nov 19, 2:00pm EST
  • Kalindi Vora, “Circulations of Care: Conviviality, Sociality, and Ethnography,” Fri, Nov 19, 3:30pm EST
  • Sima Shakhsari, “Part Two: Empire at Home is Empire Abroad: Transnational Feminist and Queer Resistance,” Fri, Nov 19, 3:30pm EST

If you were hoping to connect with Elizabeth Ault, Courtney Berger, or one of our other editors about your book project at the National Women’s Studies Association conference, please reach out to them by email. See our editors’ specialties and contact information here and our online submissions guidelines and submission portal here.

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