Our Fall Sale Continues


Our Fall Sale continues through October 15. Customers in North and South America can shop our website, and those in the rest of the world may find shipping costs and times to be less if you shop at our UK-based distributor Combined Academic Publishers. At both locations, the coupon code is FALL21.

If you shopped during the first week of our sale, we have some new releases that have just become available. Check them out and save 50%!

CoupletsBrian Massumi’s Parables for the Virtual: Movement, Affect, Sensation, has become a classic text in cultural studies and affect theory. We’ve just released a twentieth-anniversary edition featuring a new preface and a gorgeous new design. If you’ve been meaning to pick up this important text, now’s the time! Massumi also has a brand new book out, Couplets, which presents twenty-four essays that represent the full spectrum of his work during the past thirty years. Conceived as a companion volume to Parables for the Virtual, Couplets addresses the key concepts of Parables from different angles and contextualizes them, allowing their stakes to be more fully felt.

In To Make Negro Literature, Elizabeth McHenry recovers a hidden genealogy of Black literature by examining African American authorship in the understudied decade following the 1896 legalization of segregation. By prioritizing overlooked archives, McHenry reveals a radically different literary landscape.

Moving HomeMoving Home by Sandra Gunning also draws on lesser-known African diasporic texts, in this case travel narratives, to explore the conditions and possibilities of race, gender, sex, and class that early black Atlantic travel enabled.

Celeste Day Moore’s Soundscapes of Liberation traces the popularity of African American music in postwar France to outline how it came to signify both state power and liberation for Francophone audiences throughout the world.

natures-wildNature’s Wild by Andil Gosine revises understandings of queer desire in the Caribbean, showing how the very concept of homosexuality in the Caribbean (and in the Americas more broadly) has been overdetermined by a colonially-influenced human/animal divide. You have several chances to catch Gosine at events in October!

And don’t forget to add some of our quickest selling journal issues to your order. “Radical Care” and “Sexology and Its Afterlives” from Social Text, “Crip Temporalities” from South Atlantic Quarterly, “The Infrastructure of Emergency” from American Literature, and “Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory at Fifty” from New German Critique are topping our lists right now!

Pick up these new titles and all in-stock books and journal issues for 50% off, but only if you shop now with coupon FALL21! This special offer October 15. See the fine print here.

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