Congratulations to our Award-Winning Designers

Congratulations to our designers whose book and cover designs have been honored by the Association of University Presses Book, Jacket, and Journal Show.

In the Scholarly Typographic category, the committee honored Aimee C. Harrison for her design of Cajetan Iheka’s African Ecomedia, Matthew Tauch for his design of Black Bodies, White Gold by Anna Arabindan Kesson, and Courtney Leigh Richardson for her design of Nervous Systems, edited by Johanna Gosse and Timothy Stott.

In the Trade Typographic category, Aimee C. Harrison’s design of Magical Habits by Monica Huerta was honored by the committee.

Cover of Magical Habits by Monica Huerta. The cover is bright pink with the text in purple and red and features a collage of images including a parrot, a rabbit and clouds of different colors.

In the Poetry and Literature category, Courtney Leigh Richardson was honored for her design of Maroon Choreography by fahima ife.

The annual Book, Jacket, and Journal show, now in its 57th year, honors the university publishing community’s design and production professionals. The Association recognizes achievement in design, production, and manufacture of books, jackets, covers, and journals, and the Show serves as a spark to conversations and source of ideas about intelligent, creative, and resourceful publishing. Congratulations again to Aimee, Courtney, and Matthew!

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