The Weekly Read

The Weekly Read for Saturday, January 28, 2023 is “The Politics of Abortion 50 Years after Roe,” a special issue of the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, edited by Katrina Kimport and Rebecca Kreitzer. The introduction, and all articles, are freely available as advance publication articles.

Introduction Abstract

“Abortion is central to the Amerian political landscape and a common pregnancy outcome, yet research on abortion has been siloed and marginalized in the social sciences: in an empirical analysis, we find only 22 articles published in this century in the top economics, political science, and sociology journals. This special issue aims to bring abortion research into a more generalist space, challenging what we term the “abortion research paradox” wherein abortion research is largely absent from prominent disciplinary social science journals but flourishes in interdisciplinary and specialized journals. After discussing the misconceptions that likely contribute to abortion research siloization and the implications of this siloization on abortion research as well as social science knowledge more generally, this essay introduces the articles in this special issue. Then, in a call for continued and expanded research on abortion, this essay closes by offering three guiding practices for abortion scholars—both those new to the topic and those already deeply familiar—in the hopes of building an ever-richer body of literature on abortion politics, policy, and law. The need for such a robust literature is especially acute following the United States Supreme Court’s June 2022 overturning of the constitutional right to abortion.”

Katrina Kimport and Rebecca Kreitzer

Available articles:

Introduction: The Politics of Abortion 50 Years after Roe,” by issue editors Katrina Kimport and Rebecca Kreitzer

Undue Burdens: State Abortion Laws in the U.S., 1994–2022,” by Louise Marie Roth and Jennifer Hyunkyung Lee

Unlimited Discretion: How Unchecked Bureaucratic Discretion Can Threaten Abortion Availability,” by Orlaith Heymann, Danielle Bessett, Alison Norris, Jessie Hill, Danielle Czarnecki, Hillary J. Gyuras, Meredith Pensak, and Michelle L. McGowan

A Mixed Methods Approach to Understanding the Disconnection between Perceptions of Abortion Acceptability and Support for Roe v. Wade Among US Adults,” by Beyza E. Buyuker, Kathryn J. LaRoche, Xiana Bueno, Kristen N. Jozkowski, Brandon L. Crawford, Ronna C. Turner, and Wen-Juo Lo

Self-Sourced Medication Abortion, Physician Authority, and the Contradictions of Abortion Care,” by Jennifer Karlin and Carole Joffe

 “History and Politics of Medication Abortion in the United States and the Rise of Telemedicine and Self-Managed Abortion,” by Carrie N. Baker

Activism for Abortion Rights and Access Is Global: What the United States Can Learn from the Rest of the World,” by Anu Kumar

State Courts, State Legislatures, and Setting Abortion Policy,” by Jeong Hyun Kim, Anna Gunderson, Elizabeth Lane, and Nichole M. Bauer 

Abortion as a Public Health Risk in Covid-19 Anti-Abortion Legislation,” by Saphronia Carson and Shannon K. Carter 

 Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law

A leading journal in its field, and the primary source of communication across the many disciplines it serves, the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law focuses on the initiation, formulation, and implementation of health policy and analyzes the relations between government and health—past, present, and future.
Jonathan Oberlander, editor

The Weekly Read is a weekly feature in which we highlight articles, books, and chapters that are freely available online. You’ll be able to find a link to the selection here on the blog as well as on our social media channels. Enjoy The Weekly Read, and check back next week for something new to read for free.

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