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Sunday Times Returns to Java to Profile S. Ann Dunham

Javanese with Dunham book  The Sunday Times (London) sent reporter Christine Finn to Kajar, Java in Indonesia to revisit the site of S. Ann Dunham's research there. As you have read before on this blog, Dunham, who died in 1995, was President Barack Obama's mother. An anthropologist, she did her fieldwork on Javanese metal workers in the village of Kajar. Finn writes, "Dunham is still remembered in the central Javan hamlet of Kajar as a generous
benefactor whose gifts of money, food and schoolbooks helped numerous
villagers. Yet none of them had realised that the woman who paid several
visits to research rural crafts in the 1980s had a son who was to become
America’s 44th president." Duke will publish Dunham's dissertation, Surviving against the Odds: Village Industry in Indonesia next month.