New Books in March

March brings Spring and also great new books in media studies, art, African Studies, Latin American Studies, and South Asian Studies. Check them out!

Gods in the Time of DemocracyKajri Jain examines how the monumental statues erected in India following its economic reforms in the 1990s became a favored religious and political form with which to assert cultural, political, religious, and caste power in Gods in the Time of Democracy.

The contributors to Media Crossroads, edited by Paula Massood, Angel Matos, and Pamela Wojcik, examine space and place in media as they intersect with sexuality, race, ethnicity, age, class, and ability.

Jasmine Nadua Trice’s City of Screens examines the politics of cinema circulation in early-2000s Manila, showing how the rising independent Philippine cinema movement has been a site of contestation between filmmakers and the state, each constructing different notions of a prospective, national public film audience.

The InheritanceThe Inheritance is anthropologist Elizabeth A. Povinelli’s graphic memoir in which she explores her family’s history and the events, traumas, and social structures that define our individual and collective pasts and futures.

Luise White examines the contentious war memoirs published after the Zimbabwean liberation struggle (1964–1979) by white soldiers who fought for Rhodesia in Fighting and Writing.

The contributors to Meat!, edited by Sushmita Chatterjee and Banu Subramaniam, examine the transnational politics of various manifestations and understandings of meat as well as meat’s entanglement with power, politics, culture, race, gender, sexuality.

The SurrenderedThe Surrendered is Peruvian public intellectual José Carlos Agüero’s reflections on his parents—who were executed by the state for being Shining Path militants—as well as the legacies of the Peruvian internal armed conflict and the possibility for forgiveness and reconciliation in the face of hate.

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