Open-access journal liquid blackness to join Duke University Press

We are excited to announce that liquid blackness: journal of aesthetics and black studies, an open-access journal, will join Duke University Press’s publishing program in Spring 2021.

liquid blackness seeks to carve out a place for aesthetic theory and the most radical agenda of Black Studies to come together in productive ways, with a double goal: to fully attend to the aesthetic work of blackness and to the political work of form. In this way, the journal strives to develop innovative approaches to address points of convergence between the exigencies of black life and the many slippery ways in which blackness is encountered in contemporary sonic and visual culture.

Yanique Norman, Fatherlessness 1 (2010). Photo by Mike Jensen

liquid blackness was founded in 2014 at Georgia State University by faculty member Alessandra Raengo and members of the liquid blackness research group: doctoral students Lauren McLeod Cramer, Cameron Kunzelman, and Kristin Juarez. Raengo and Cramer are the journal’s editors.

The journal showcases a variety of scholarly modes, including audio-visual work, poetry, and essays. It aims to fully explore who can do theory (scholars, artists, activists…), how theory can be done (in image, writing, archiving, curating, social activism…), and what a Black aesthetic object is (“high”/“low” art, sound and image, practice and praxis, the work of individual artists and ensembles…).

We look forward to welcoming liquid blackness beginning with its Spring 2021 special issue, “Liquidity.” Learn more about the journal.


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